Download Grav

The Grav Base package contains the core functionality plus a single page to get you started. For more full-featured setups, check out our various skeleton packages.

Grav core Grav core + Admin plugin

Current Version: 1.6.23 updated 2 weeks ago

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Download Grav RC Version

Want to see what's going to be stable soon? Check out the Release Candidate Packages below:

Grav RC core Grav RC core + Admin plugin

Current Version: 1.7.0-rc.8 updated 2 weeks ago

This RC release is intended for testing and development. If you are developing a new Grav site, you probably want to start with this version as it will soon be stable...

Quick installation

  1. Download either the Grav core or Grav core + Admin plugin installation package
  2. Extract the zip file into your webroot
  3. Point your browser at your local webserver:

If you downloaded the package with the Admin plugin, you will need to create a new user before pointing your browser to

How to Install the Admin plugin

If you have not already installed the admin plugin, you can do so easily with GPM:

$ bin/gpm install admin

This will automatically install the admin plugin plus its dependency plugins (login, email, form)

After this simply point your browser to your Grav installation and you will be prompted to create a new admin user.

How to Update

Please update Grav first!, and then the other plugins...

If your using the admin plugin, you can simply Update Grav itself from the notice. You can click the Update button to update plugins and themes. If you don't see any updates, you can clear the GPM cache by click the Check for Updates button in the top-right.

Updating is now a simple affair. Simply navigate to the root of the Grav install in your terminal and type:

$ bin/gpm selfupgrade -f

This will upgrade the Grav core to the latest version. Additionally, you should update all your plugins and themes to the latest version (including the admin plugin if you have that installed).

You can do this using the command below:

$ bin/gpm update -f